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14 November 2017 - Lavant History Project - Graveyard Recording St Nicholas Church


Graveyard Recording. St Nicholas Church, Mid Lavant


Purpose of the Project?


Church graveyards are recognised as key historical locations and they are a local heritage asset which often contains archaeological artefacts. They reveal much about the religious, cultural and social life and values of the residents of a local area. Indeed St Nicholas, fondly known as St Nic's, continues to have a spiritual significance in Lavant. In addition many graveyards have developed unique ecological environments . Through the recording of inscriptions and monuments the LHP can help preserve and share both local family and broader historic knowledge about one of Lavant's invaluable heritage assets.


The graveyard of St Nic's has been decommissioned, since then it has become neglected both in terms of its physical condition and the Village's awareness of it. The initial survey made by the LHP revealed that there is some urgency regarding the preservation and recording of the graves/gravestones that currently remain. The LPC has already located some graves that are not identified in the most recent plan of 1993 including a rare example of a brick grave and there are others, including that of Henrietta Poole which are at risk of serious further deterioration.


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14 November 2017 - Would you pay more to support Sussex Policing?


Would you pay more to support policing in Sussex?

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne writes: "This year, we have seen police officers and staff nationally, along with other emergency services, respond with skill and bravery as they play their part in the substantial security effort around the recent terror attacks which have hit the UK. In response, the Government is increasing the money it spends on tackling terrorism, including an amount for policing.

"Further investment is also working to tackle the national threat of cyber crime, which is affecting businesses and individuals across the country. With the new frontline for policing increasingly becoming our front rooms and children's bedrooms - where crimes are being committed down the phone line and behind screens - we have to recognise that the policing we see is not necessarily all the policing we get to keep us safe.

"I know that residents support Sussex Police in preparing for threats like terrorism and cyber crime but I'm also aware that issues closer to home, such as anti-social behaviour, are affecting local people.

"In previous years, the Chief Constable has asked for my help to raise more funds to invest in specific areas of policing, including public protection, community investigation and armed response. Thanks to the money you've already contributed through your council tax, Sussex Police has been able to build its capacity and capabilities in these areas, and others, to deliver a more effective and efficient service to the public.


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13 November 2017 - CDC to help small businesses with their business rates


New scheme to help small and medium sized businesses with their rates


Councillors will be asked to approve a scheme designed to help small and medium sized businesses with their rates over the next four years.

The council's Non-Domestic Rates Discretionary Scheme was recommended by the council's Cabinet, for approval at the Full Council meeting which will take place on Wednesday 21 November.

In March, the Government announced that it would make a discretionary fund of £300 million available from the 2017 - 2018 financial year to support those businesses facing an increase in their rates as a result of its 2017 revaluation.

Chichester District Council has received a total of £786,000 from the fund which will be used to help limit increases in business rates for eligible, occupied businesses that have a rateable value of £100,000 or less.

Amounts have been made available by the Government as follows:

2017 - 2018: £458,000;

2018 - 2019: £223,000;

2019 - 2020: £92,000; and

2020 - 2021: £13,000.


Businesses with a rateable value of £20,000 or less will have their increase limited to 4% for the financial year 2017 - 2018. Businesses with a rateable value of £100,000 or less will have their increase limited to 5%.

The scheme will complement the Government's Transitional Relief scheme put in place to help businesses adjust to any increases as a result of the revaluation.



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13 November 2017 - Flu vaccination and meals on wheels!


With the weather turning colder and winter approaching fast, the county council is highlighting some of the ways we can all help to stay well this winter.

If you are eligible for a free flu vaccination it is important that you take up this offer.

You are offered the vaccine for free if you are one of the groups of people who are most 'at risk' of catching the illness.

This is one of the most important things you can do to stay well and it may also help relieve pressure on the NHS this winter.

To find out if you're in an 'at risk' group speak to your local participating pharmacy or GP.

I also want to remind your readers about the fantastic meals on wheels service available in West Sussex.

Eating at least one hot nutritious meal a day is very important for our health and wellbeing, particularly in colder weather.

Some people, due to illness, frailty or a disability, may find it difficult or impossible to shop, cook or heat a frozen meal. The home-delivered hot meals service may be the answer.

The national award winning meals on wheels service in West Sussex is run on behalf of the County Council by apetito. Meals are delivered at lunchtimes between 11-2, up to seven days a week - including Christmas Day.

To find out more about meals on wheels or to sign up for the service call 01903 718893 or email


West Sussex County Council Senior Adviser for Adults and Health


12 November 2017 - Lavant House Academy


Come and listen to the plans and purpose of the new Lavant House Academy. Primarily aimed at older teenagers they are looking to engage with the local community. They will give a short presentation and you can ask questions at 6.45pm on Tuesday 14th November at St Mary's Church Lavant Room. All are welcome. (The Parish Council meeting will start immediately afterwards at 7.00pm).


01 November 2017 - Chichester Council introduces fines for dropping litter - including cigarette butts - from first offence


Council partnership aims to crack down on litter


A new council partnership that aims to crack down on litter and dog fouling in the Chichester District will begin in November.


Litter Enforcement Officers from East Hampshire District Council will be patrolling the district from 1 November as part of a trial scheme to reduce litter and dog fouling. Even if you pick up the litter or the cigarette end you will still be fined. BE WARNED!


Those caught dropping litter will receive an on-the-spot fine of £80, and this reduces to £60 if it is paid within 14 days. Those who do not clear up their dog's mess will receive an on-the-spot fine of £100, with this reducing to £75 if it is paid within 14 days.


If the fines are not paid and a case goes to court, the maximum penalty for littering is £2,500 and £1,000 for dog fouling.




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25 October 2017 - Draft budget for Lavant Parish Council 2018 - 19


Lavant Parish Councillors have produced a draft budget for Lavant for the financial year 2018 - 19. If you have any comments please click


LPC Draft budget


11 October 2017 - DRAFT BYELAW FOR LAVANT PARISH - Have your say


Lavant Parish Council has updated its byelaws (governing do's and don't's on Parish Land - play area, village green, Hall car park).

To read the document and have your say, please click here Comments before November 10th 2017 please.


28 September 2017 - A27 - CDC votes to wait for next round of funding after 2020....


Media Release - CDC Date of Release: 28 September 2017 Ref: 3750


Councillors opt for further community involvement on A27 improvement scheme


Following a major debate on the way forward, Chichester District councillors have voted over-whelmingly to allow more time to find a solution to the A27 that works for the whole community.


A special council meeting took place yesterday to consider a letter dated 6 September 2017 from Highways England to Gillian Keegan MP. The letter essentially outlines two possible approaches for taking forward a scheme to improve the A27 at Chichester:


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