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Neighbourhood Plan

Pre-Submission Documents - public consultation is now closed


63 individual residents and organisations responded to the draft pre-submission documents during the 6 weeks' public consultation, and LPC are grateful for everyone's comments and suggestions. The consolidated responses can be found here. This is a large document, which may take a few moments to open in the new tab. No resident's names are provided, but where an organisation has responded, their details are given.


Consolidated responses to pre-submission documents.


The Steering Group are now working hard to respond to all the comments received. Due to the number of responses, and the complex nature of some of the feedback, this is naturally taking some time but great progress is being made. It is currently hoped that this process will be completed during September. When the responses are complete, they will be made available here on the website.




The Pre-Submission Process (now closed)


On 9th Feb the LPC approved the draft plan (pre-submission document) and this consultation period, starting on 10th March, is your last opportunity to influence the content of the final document. Three open events have recently been held and approximately 150 villagers viewed the draft documents that were on display.


How can I view the draft plan now?

  • The documents can now be viewed/downloaded below.
  • They are on display in the entrance lobby of Lavant Memorial Hall.
  • Order a printed copy of the main Pre-Submission Document from the Parish Clerk. There will be a charge of £5 to cover the printing costs.
  • There is a link back to this website on the SDNPA website.

The primary purpose of this consultation was to seek comments on:

  • Document 1 - Pre-Submission Document here
  • Document 2 - Pre-Submission Map here
  • Document 3 - Strategic & Environment Appraisal (SEA)/Sustainability Appraisal (SA) here

Other Evidence Base documents are also provided for your information:

  • Document 4 - Consultation Document here
  • Document 5 - Assessment of Potential Development Sites here
  • Document 6 - Lavant Rural Housing Needs (CDC) here
  • Document 7 - Lavant 2015-2024 Housing Needs Allocation Report here
  • Document 8 - Lavant NDP Settlement Boundary here
  • Document 9 - Open Spaces Assessments here
  • Document 10 - Review of Heritage Assets here
  • Document 11- Community Matters Document here
  • Document 12 - Lavant Watershed Biodiversity Opportunity Report here
  • Document 13 - Historical Flooding here
  • Document 14 - Appendices here

What do I do? - download an information leaflet here

Response Form The Consultation period has now closed for the Presubmission draft document.

Who can comment on the draft plan?

All Lavant residents; all public utilities; relevant regulatory bodies and councils; adjoining councils, major landowners and businesses.


When is the Consultation Period?

10th March 4pm - 28th April 4.01pm


How do I make my comments?

Any comments must be submitted in writing by the deadline (4.01pm on 28th April). You should use an official "Response Form" which you can download above. Any comments must be submitted to the Parish Clerk either by mail or email. No alterations will be made to the document during this consultation period.


What will happen to my comments?

LPC will hold a public Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting in the Lavant Room at St Mary's on Monday 9th May at 7pm, at which it will consider and vote on every submission received. Petitioners will have the opportunity at this meeting to briefly address Council on their written issue if they wish. Finally at this meeting, LPC will vote as to whether to accept, reject, or put forward with amendments, the draft Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan.


Then what? Final Steps to Referendum

If the plan is accepted by LPC, they then submit it for external technical scrutiny. Assuming it passes this official examination, the draft plan will then be presented to you all by the Parish Council for the final referendum. This is the final YES or NO vote. The plan must achieve a majority of votes cast in favour in order to be formally adopted as the Lavant Neighbourhood Plan.


If you have any questions on the process described above, please contact the Parish Clerk: Imogen Whitaker, 2 McAdam Close, Hambrook, PO18 8FG, Home tel: 01243 575094, or .


Thank you.

Lavant Parish Council