Lavant Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan

Examiner's report April 2017


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Submission Documents - Final Public Consultation



The Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan has now been formally submitted to South Downs National Park Authority. The SDNPA is now opening up a 6-week consultation period. This will be the last opportunity for you to make any comments on the plan before it is sent for independent examination.


When does Consultation start and finish?

Consultation starts on Tuesday 10th January 2017

Consultation finishes on Tuesday 21st February 2017


How can I view the submitted Plan?

During the consultation period anyone who wishes to review the documents can see them online below, or at one of the public viewings which will be held at the following place/times:


All at St Nicholas' Church, Mid Lavant:

Saturday 14th January 3-5pm

Saturday 28th January 3-5pm

Saturday 4th February 3-5pm

Saturday 18th February 3-5pm


The Submitted Plan and Supporting Documents:

How do I make comments on the submitted Plan?

Comments must be made directly to SDNPA.

1. Email: Please include the phrase LAVANT NDP in the subject line.

2. Write to Neighbourhood Planning (Lavant), SDNPA, South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst GU29 9DH


What happens next?

SDNPA will pass the Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan (Submission Plan), your comments and their comments to an appointed Independent Examiner. After Examiner approval, there will be a Referendum in which Lavant Parish residents can vote.


How does the Referendum work?

Those who are eligible to vote can say either YES or NO to adopting the plan. A majority YES vote, of those cast, will be required for the Plan to be officially "made" (adopted).


Why should I care?

New development is inevitable, BUT with this plan, the village WILL be able to exert influence on the developments.