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Referendum 18th July

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Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan (version for referendum)

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Quick link to Pre-Submission Documents - 7 weeks' public consultation 10th March - 28th April 2016



What is Neighbourhood Planning?


The Localism Act 2011 introduced statutory Neighbourhood Planning in England. It enables communities to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and is intended to give communities more of a say in the development of their local area.



Why is it worth having a Neighbourhood Plan?


These plans will be used to decide the future of the places where villagers live and work giving opportunities to:

  • Choose where we want new homes, shops and offices to be built
  • Have our say on what new buildings should look like
  • Grant planning permission for the new buildings we want to see go ahead.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has worked hard to keep the residents of Lavant informed and give them the opportunity to contribute their views. Events have included:

  • The Housing Needs Survey (on which housing numbers are based)
  • Open Meeting at Lavant Memorial Hall, October 2013
  • Information stall at the Lavant Village Fete, June 2014
  • Pop up stall at Lavant Horticultural Society and Allotment Open Day Summer 2014
  • Beating of the Bounds, September 2014
  • Open Meetings at St Nicholas' February 2014 and December 2014
  • Options and Preferences meetings at Lavant Memorial Hall and St Nicholas', February 2015
  • Draft Policies and Additional Sites meetings at St Nicholas', May 2015
  • Latest information, progress update and community facilities questionnaire at the Fete, June 2015. You can still complete the questionnaire and return it by 10th September 2015.
  • Roads and Traffic Day - walkabout and presentation led by Ben Hamilton-Baillie in conjunction with Lavant Parish Council, July 2015 - summary of what happened on the day, comments from BH-B after his walkabout, Q&A from the public event. If you want to make further comments, please ensure these are received by close of play on Friday 4th September via .
  • Click to here to read answers to recently asked questions.

The Steering Group has now commenced the huge task of generating draft policies that will be included in the final Neighbourhood Plan. These policies cover a wide range of topics and it is important that as many people as possible consider their content to make sure they reflect the overall picture of the differing views and opinions that have been expressed since the process started. The draft policies in their initial form can be viewed here.


Whilst the Steering Group is developing the draft policies another important document has been prepared: a Scoping Report for the NP's Sustainability Assessment (SA). Sustainable development is defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". The Scoping Report is a document that identifies the sustainability issues within Lavant and sets out the sustainability objectives for the SA of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Scoping Report has been the subject of consultation with a number of agencies and stakeholders over recent weeks. Take a look at it here and view the official responses to the Scoping Report here.


Meanwhile during June, July, August and September 2015 the Steering Group continue to:

  • Research and write detailed Site Assessments of each potential development site - this process will eliminate some of them. These assessments will be made available as soon as they are completed.
  • Write and review the Policies for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan - see the draft policies here
  • Arrange an opportunity for Lavant businesses to express their views
  • Start writing the Draft Consultation Document.
  • Start writing the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. This will be presented to the community when it is ready and modifications will be made before the final draft goes to an Independent Examiner. After this it goes to every household for Referendum.

Example documents from another Parish:

To view a draft Consultation document click here

To view a draft Neighbourhood Plan click here



All documents listed below are PDFs unless otherwise noted.



Vision Statement (DOCX)

Our application to CDC and SDNPA (DOCX)

Registration letter SDNPA

Lavant Parish Council's Response to the CDC Local Plan (DOC)

Lavant Neighbourhood Plan Area SDNPA

Lavant NP Walk Colour Map

Representation of Working Groups

Email from landowner regarding site behind primary school 24Aug2015 here


Options and Preferences

Concept 1 Option A

Concept 1 Option B

Concept 1 Option C

Concept 2 Option D

Concept Options Summary

Audited Preferences Results


Beating the Bounds

How To Information

Purpose and What You Can Do

BtB Observation Sheet 1

BtB Observation Sheet 2

BtB Observation Sheet 3

BtB Observation Sheet 4

BtB Observation Sheet 5

BtB Observation Sheet 6

BtB Observation Sheet 7

BtB Observation Sheet 8

BtB Observation Sheet 9

Letter to Lavant Residents

Two additional sites were also put forward later by landlords and the details can be seen here.

Observation Point 11 - photos

Observation Point 12 - photos



Steering Group

Steering Group List of Members

Meeting with various parties about Traffic - 10Sep2015

Meeting Notes 07Sep2015

Meeting Notes 06 Aug 2015

Meeting Notes 25 Jun 2015

Meeting Notes 28 May 2015

Meeting Notes 16 Apr 2015

Meeting Notes 02 Apr 2015

Meeting Notes 26 Feb 2015

Meeting Notes 29 Jan 2015

Meeting Notes 15 Dec 2014

Meeting Notes 13 Nov 2014

Meeting Notes 11 Sep 2014

Meeting Notes 18 Aug 2014

Meeting Notes 12 Jun 2014

Meeting Notes 8 May 2014

Meeting Notes 10 Apr 2014

Meeting Notes 13 Mar 2014

Community Survey Feb 2014



Working Group - Built Environment

Meeting Notes 15 Apr 2014

Meeting Notes 1 Apr 2014



Working Group - Community Engagement

Meeting Notes 01Sep2015

Meeting Notes 10 Jul 2015

Meeting Notes 02 Jun 2015

Meeting Notes 11 May 2015

Meeting Notes 20 Apr 2015

Meeting Notes 10 Mar 2015

Meeting Notes 03 Feb 2015

Meeting Notes 06 Jan 2015

Meeting Notes 02 Dec 2014

Meeting Notes 10 Nov 2014

Meeting Notes 07 Oct 2014

Meeting Notes 1 Jul 2014

Meeting Notes 3 Jun 2014

Meeting Notes 6 May 2014

Meeting Notes 1 Apr 2014

Meeting Notes 6 Mar 2014

Meeting Notes 30 Jan 2014

Meeting Notes 22 Jan 2014

Meeting Notes 9 Jan 2014

Communication Strategy



Working Group - Natural Environment

Meeting Notes 29 Apr 2014

Meeting Notes 2 Apr 2014

Agenda + Meeting Notes 12 Mar 2014


Other 2015

Community Day 21 Feb 2015 - Options and Preferences

Public Meeting 16 May 2015 - Draft Policies

Village Fete 20 Jun 2015 - Community Facilities Questionnaire. You can still complete a questionnaire and submit it to the LNP group by 10th September 2015.



Other 2014

6 Dec 2014 - Feedback Day and the Way Forward. Display Boards. Comments received.

Meeting Notes - mtg with SDNPA, WSCC and CDC 21 Nov 2014

Meeting Notes - mtg with Lavant Primary School Governing Body 08 Jul 2014

Village Fete 21 Jun 2014 (DOCX)

Public Meeting 7 Jun 2014 (DOCX)

Photographic competition Prize Winners

Photographic competition entry form and rules June 2014

CDC Housing Needs Meeting Notes 09 April 2014

Powerpoint Slides 24 Feb 2014 (PPTX)



Other 2013

Meeting Notes 18 Dec 2013

Lavant NP Terms of Reference Revision 1 Dec 2013

Meeting Notes 26 Sep 2013

Neighbourhood Planning Committee meeting notes for meeting held on 11/7/13

Chichester District Local Plan Feb 2013 (DOC)