Lavant Parish Council


Lavant is a rural parish with an electorate of approximately 1347 in 750 households and at present a precept of £27,420. The parish is just north of Chichester on either side of the A286 Midhurst Road.


Further details about the village can be found in the Lavant Neighbourhood Plan

The community is a vibrant one served well by its pubs, restaurants, schools, churches and village hall. The closeness of Goodwood adds to the activities in the parish.


Lavant is to be found in a beautiful part of West Sussex and yet is within easy reach of major urban centres on the coast from Brighton to Southampton. The close proximity of Chichester means access to both mainline trains and buses with direct links to Gatwick Airport and London, Brighton and Portsmouth and also across country to the West, the Midlands and the North.


Parishioners can, of course, use the varied commercial, leisure and entertainment facilities of Chichester with ease. The coast is also very close at Bosham and the Chichester Harbour area, the Witterings, Selsey and Bognor Regis.



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Latest News


14/11/2017 - Lavant History Project - Graveyard Recording St Nicholas Church


Graveyard Recording. St Nicholas Church, Mid Lavant


Purpose of the Project?


Church graveyards are recognised as key historical locations and they are a local heritage asset which often contains archaeological artefacts. They reveal much about the religious, cultural and social life and values of the residents of a local area. Indeed St Nicholas, fondly known as St Nic's, continues to have a spiritual significance in Lavant. In addition many graveyards have developed unique ecological environments . Through the recording of inscriptions and monuments the LHP can help preserve and share both local family and broader historic knowledge about one of Lavant's invaluable heritage assets.


The graveyard of St Nic's has been decommissioned, since then it has become neglected both in terms of its physical condition and the Village's awareness of it. The initial survey made by the LHP revealed that there is some urgency regarding the preservation and recording of the graves/gravestones that currently remain. The LPC has already located some graves that are not identified in the most recent plan of 1993 including a rare example of a brick grave and there are others, including that of Henrietta Poole which are at risk of serious further deterioration.



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14/11/2017 - Would you pay more to support Sussex Policing?


Would you pay more to support policing in Sussex?

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne writes: "This year, we have seen police officers and staff nationally, along with other emergency services, respond with skill and bravery as they play their part in the substantial security effort around the recent terror attacks which have hit the UK. In response, the Government is increasing the money it spends on tackling terrorism, including an amount for policing.

"Further investment is also working to tackle the national threat of cyber crime, which is affecting businesses and individuals across the country. With the new frontline for policing increasingly becoming our front rooms and children's bedrooms - where crimes are being committed down the phone line and behind screens - we have to recognise that the policing we see is not necessarily all the policing we get to keep us safe.

"I know that residents support Sussex Police in preparing for threats like terrorism and cyber crime but I'm also aware that issues closer to home, such as anti-social behaviour, are affecting local people.

"In previous years, the Chief Constable has asked for my help to raise more funds to invest in specific areas of policing, including public protection, community investigation and armed response. Thanks to the money you've already contributed through your council tax, Sussex Police has been able to build its capacity and capabilities in these areas, and others, to deliver a more effective and efficient service to the public.



"Now we need your help to sustain this service.

"All public services have to find significant financial savings and Sussex Police is no exception. The force has already saved £70m since 2010 and the Chief Constable's Local Policing Plan is working towards delivering further savings over the next four years.

"I know the changes Sussex Police has made to its policing model are taking some getting used to but it's vital that the force reshapes its neighbourhood policing teams to meet the challenges of 21st century policing.

"The Chief Constable and I are continuing to work together to drive further reform and substantial progress has already been made through collaboration with local and regional partners and through investment in mobile technology.

"I want to help Sussex Police explore and identify all opportunities for investment. That is why I have carried out a review of the amount of money Sussex Police holds in its reserves and released £15m to reduce the impact of reductions in police officer numbers. I've done this because I recognise the scale of the impact that these changes are having on the police and the public, and I remain committed to investing in local policing.

"I am also seeking further sources of external funding, including contributions from new building developments that lead to increased demand on local services. I - and other Police & Crime Commissioners - continue to negotiate with the Government for more funding for policing, as well as asking for the removal of the current 'cap' on the police precept.

"Please take a minute to complete my online survey to tell me whether you would be prepared to pay more, through your council tax, for policing in Sussex. You can find all the information at"



13/11/2017 - CDC to help small businesses with their business rates


New scheme to help small and medium sized businesses with their rates


Councillors will be asked to approve a scheme designed to help small and medium sized businesses with their rates over the next four years.

The council's Non-Domestic Rates Discretionary Scheme was recommended by the council's Cabinet, for approval at the Full Council meeting which will take place on Wednesday 21 November.

In March, the Government announced that it would make a discretionary fund of £300 million available from the 2017 - 2018 financial year to support those businesses facing an increase in their rates as a result of its 2017 revaluation.

Chichester District Council has received a total of £786,000 from the fund which will be used to help limit increases in business rates for eligible, occupied businesses that have a rateable value of £100,000 or less.

Amounts have been made available by the Government as follows:

2017 - 2018: £458,000;

2018 - 2019: £223,000;

2019 - 2020: £92,000; and

2020 - 2021: £13,000.


Businesses with a rateable value of £20,000 or less will have their increase limited to 4% for the financial year 2017 - 2018. Businesses with a rateable value of £100,000 or less will have their increase limited to 5%.

The scheme will complement the Government's Transitional Relief scheme put in place to help businesses adjust to any increases as a result of the revaluation.




"We understand that some businesses have been severely affected by the Government's revaluation," says Councillor Eileen Lintill, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community Services at Chichester District Council. "We have 4,700 small and medium sized businesses across the district, of which 1,500 have experienced an increase in their business rates.

"We want to ensure that our share of the discretionary funding is used to help those that are in most need as a result of that revaluation process. Of the 1,500 businesses that have experienced an increase, approximately 1,200 will receive assistance from this scheme."

Business rates are set by the Government and values for the properties set by the national Valuation Office Agency. A special formula to work out the cost is set by the Government.

It is then the role of each local authority, including Chichester District Council, to administer this by sending the bills to businesses and collecting the rates on behalf of the Government. The money is then redistributed to councils by central government.


13/11/2017 - Flu vaccination and meals on wheels!


With the weather turning colder and winter approaching fast, the county council is highlighting some of the ways we can all help to stay well this winter.

If you are eligible for a free flu vaccination it is important that you take up this offer.

You are offered the vaccine for free if you are one of the groups of people who are most 'at risk' of catching the illness.

This is one of the most important things you can do to stay well and it may also help relieve pressure on the NHS this winter.

To find out if you're in an 'at risk' group speak to your local participating pharmacy or GP.

I also want to remind your readers about the fantastic meals on wheels service available in West Sussex.

Eating at least one hot nutritious meal a day is very important for our health and wellbeing, particularly in colder weather.

Some people, due to illness, frailty or a disability, may find it difficult or impossible to shop, cook or heat a frozen meal. The home-delivered hot meals service may be the answer.

The national award winning meals on wheels service in West Sussex is run on behalf of the County Council by apetito. Meals are delivered at lunchtimes between 11-2, up to seven days a week - including Christmas Day.

To find out more about meals on wheels or to sign up for the service call 01903 718893 or email


West Sussex County Council Senior Adviser for Adults and Health


12/11/2017 - Lavant House Academy


Come and listen to the plans and purpose of the new Lavant House Academy. Primarily aimed at older teenagers they are looking to engage with the local community. They will give a short presentation and you can ask questions at 6.45pm on Tuesday 14th November at St Mary's Church Lavant Room. All are welcome. (The Parish Council meeting will start immediately afterwards at 7.00pm).


01/11/2017 - Chichester Council introduces fines for dropping litter - including cigarette butts - from first offence


Council partnership aims to crack down on litter


A new council partnership that aims to crack down on litter and dog fouling in the Chichester District will begin in November.


Litter Enforcement Officers from East Hampshire District Council will be patrolling the district from 1 November as part of a trial scheme to reduce litter and dog fouling. Even if you pick up the litter or the cigarette end you will still be fined. BE WARNED!


Those caught dropping litter will receive an on-the-spot fine of £80, and this reduces to £60 if it is paid within 14 days. Those who do not clear up their dog's mess will receive an on-the-spot fine of £100, with this reducing to £75 if it is paid within 14 days.


If the fines are not paid and a case goes to court, the maximum penalty for littering is £2,500 and £1,000 for dog fouling.





Councillors at Chichester District Council have pledged to crack down on litter, fly tipping and dog fouling in response to an increase in incidents and concern from local residents.


"Litter, fly tipping and dog fouling all have a negative impact on our beautiful area and the public expect us to do something about it," says Councillor Roger Barrow, Cabinet Member for Contract Services at Chichester District Council.


"As councillors, we regularly receive emails and phone calls from residents who are fed up of littering, dog fouling and fly tipping. We know that many people want to see tougher action against those who deliberately litter our district so, as well as continuing with enforcement action against fly tippers, we will be teaming up with East Hampshire District Council to take part in a litter enforcement trial, which will begin on 1 November. This is something that East Hampshire, Havant, and Arun District Councils have already introduced with great success.


"The trial will involve litter enforcement officers monitoring the city, towns, villages, parks and the seafront and fining those who are seen dropping litter or not clearing up their dog's mess. It has already had a very positive impact in our neighbouring district areas and it is hoped that it will now send a strong message to the small minority of people who continue to ruin the local environment.


"We want to stress that this is not about money. The fines are not intended to provide income for the council; they will just pay for the service. We will also be using a Local Authority company whose officers are fully trained and follow a different approach to the private services that have been used by other councils elsewhere in the country," adds Roger.


"Currently, we spend more than £1 million a year on clearing litter and fly tipping, but if people didn't drop or dump rubbish, we could spend a proportion of this money on other essential services. We've also seen an increase in littering on our roads and coastline, the number of fly tips reported, and the amount of hazardous waste we have had to remove. It's clear that we have to act.


"We want to prick the public conscience and develop a strong anti-litter culture in the district so that it becomes completely unacceptable to drop litter of any kind or dump rubbish. This is a concentrated effort and will involve a number of different methods. We want to engage with local communities and empower them to take positive, preventative action, as well as encouraging local businesses to get involved."


Other projects will encourage local businesses and communities to adopt an area to increase pride in their local surroundings, alongside local campaigns and community clean up days.


Remote cameras are also being used in fly tipping hotspots to catch offenders as part of a West Sussex Partnership project to crack down on fly tipping. The council dealt with almost 1000 cases last year and has pledged to continue to prosecute anyone caught fly tipping.


Finally, the council intends to improve its bin facilities and signage. This will include increasing awareness that if there isn't a red dog bin around that dog bags can be placed in any litter bin- and the importance of not dropping cigarette ends.


"By working together we can all make a difference to ensure our district remains beautiful for everyone who lives and visits here," Roger adds.




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25/10/2017 - Draft budget for Lavant Parish Council 2018 - 19


Lavant Parish Councillors have produced a draft budget for Lavant for the financial year 2018 - 19. If you have any comments please click


LPC Draft budget


11/10/2017 - DRAFT BYELAW FOR LAVANT PARISH - Have your say


Lavant Parish Council has updated its byelaws (governing do's and don't's on Parish Land - play area, village green, Hall car park).

To read the document and have your say, please click here Comments before November 10th 2017 please.


26/09/2017 - South Downs Pre submission Local Development plan


The SDNPA's pre-submission plan is open for public consultation. For more information on how to comment click here


04/08/2017 - Is your child starting school in September 2018? Read on....


Apply online at

Applications can be made between 2 October 2017 and 15 January 2018

Special rules apply for house movers until 15 February 2018

The Information for Parents booklet will be available on our website from 2 October 2017

Further information is available by ringing 03330 142 903


Applications made after the closing date cannot be considered until all on-time applications have been processed. This may mean it is not possible to offer a child a place at a local school. We would therefore be grateful if you could help actively encourage all parents to apply by the closing date.





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CDC plans new Southern Gateway Masterplan - have your say!


Draft Southern Gateway Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - Public Consultation: July - August 10th 2017


Chichester District Council has prepared a Draft Southern Gateway Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for consultation. This is being undertaken in accordance with Regulations 12 & 13 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.


The draft masterplan sets out a range of different land uses for a number of key development sites within the Southern Gateway area. It also provides design guidance for those sites. The proposals in the masterplan will provide opportunities to bring development forward, to coordinate that development and to improve the public realm, particularly in the area around the railway station, leading up to South Street and the main city centre shopping area.


The consultation period runs from 9.00am Thursday 29 June 2017 until Thursday 10 August 2017. Representations should arrive no later than 5.00pm on 10 August 2017. Anonymous comments or comments received outside these dates will not be accepted.




The Draft Southern Gateway SPD, together with relevant background information, can be viewed at the Council Offices at East Pallant House and Chichester Library, or on the Council website at


All responses will be publicly available, and identifiable by name and organisation (where applicable). Please note that any other personal information provided will be processed by Chichester District Council in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

How to make a representation


Comment on the document using our online consultation website:


Alternatively, you can email us directly at or write to us at: Planning Policy, Chichester District Council, East Pallant House, 1 East Pallant, Chichester PO19 1TY

Forthcoming Events


01/11/2017 - Chichester in Partnership - events and activities for November


Chichester Partnerships Newswire Edition 56

October 2017




Welcome to the latest edition e-bulletin for Chichester in Partnership.

If you have anything you want to put in the bulletin the deadline for input is the 3rd Thursday of every month.


Events/ Training


Event: Feed

Brief: The Feed restaurant is open to all in the community and registration is free. However, the dinners will operate on a 'pay as you feel' system, where guests can pay what they can and what they feel the meal is worth on the night. All funds raised will be donated to UKHarvest to continue its work in food rescue and education.

The dinners aim to raise awareness on the scale of food waste in the UK, while also enabling everyone in the Chichester community to have access to good quality food cooked with care.

Time: 6pm

Date: 15th November

Location: Saint Paul's Church, Churchside

Sign Up link and more info:




Sussex Safeguarding Week 2017

The West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board, the West Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board and the Safer West Sussex Partnership are joining forces to deliver a week of safeguarding learning events. The key purpose of the week is to provide a range of learning and development opportunities for staff and volunteers working with adults at risk and children in West Sussex, aimed at improving their safeguarding knowledge, skills and understanding, and promoting joint working. To book your place, go to their website.


Fire stations open their doors for more on-call recruitment evenings

Following a successful run of open evenings throughout the rest of the county, stations across the western region of West Sussex will be opening in November to round off West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service's latest drive to boost the number of on-call (retained) firefighters.

The fire stations will be opening their doors on Thursday 9th November from 19:00-21:00. Our current on-call crews will be available to welcome interested members of the community into the station to answer any questions they may have about a career as an on-call firefighter. The following stations will be open:

East Wittering, Oakfield Approach, PO20 8BT

Selsey, High Street, PO20 0QG

Bognor Regis, West Meads Drive, PO21 5TB

Chichester, Northgate, PO19 1BD

Midhurst, New Road, GU29 9HY

Petworth, Station Road, GU28 0ES

Arundel, 49 Ford Road, BN18 9EB

Littlehampton, Maltravers Road, BN17 5LX

East Preston, North Lane, BN16 1DA.

There are no appointments necessary; please simply drop in to your nearest station to find out what the job is all about.

James Smith, WSFRS Station Manager, explains: "We've seen a very encouraging turnout at our open evenings in the eastern and central region of the county, and we would be delighted to see a similar level of interest at our western stations.

"As a retained firefighter myself, I know first-hand how challenging but also how rewarding working as an on-call firefighter can be. If you'd like to know more please drop in to one of our stations on 9th November, we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have."

For more information about being a retained firefighter in West Sussex watch this short film or visit to download the information pack.


EXPRESS YOURSELF - a free art event for young people organised by Chichester Cathedral and Chichester Community Development Trust.

Join us at the Cathedral and express yourself through art.

Music Workshops by Ovation Music

Large Graffiti wall

Print your own T-shirt or Postcard with Social Fabric

Cathedral Trails

Free pizza & drinks sponsored by Chichester Priory Rotary Club

Location: Vicars' Hall, Chichester Cathedral

Date and Time: Saturday 25th November, 2 - 5pm

Age: 11 upwards


Charity Trustee Training

14th November 2017, 6pm - 8pm

9 Donnington Park, Chichester

Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester in partnership with Kreston Reeves (accountancy and financial advice firm) are putting on a free evening of training to experienced Charity Trustees to discuss 15 topical questions and give advice on where to get help.

Read more here


Volunteering, Give a little, Gain a lot

Thursday 30th November 2017, 12.10pm - 12.50pm

Chichester Library

Come and find out more about volunteering and what it can do for an organisation and you; the opportunities, the benefits and how even a small amount of time can help.

Read more here



Chichester Wellbeing

We are continuing the WellBalanced Workshops this month running one in Midhurst. The 3 hour workshop aims to teach people how to reduce their risk of falling, identifying hazards that cause falls, how to avoid them and what you should do if you have a fall. To book a place please call us on 01243 521041.


Christmas Volunteering

Are you looking for volunteers over the festive period? Every year Volunteer Now! gets enquiries from people looking to spend some of their time over Christmas helping those less fortunate than themselves. We want to put together a list of places that are looking for volunteers on Christmas Day specifically, but also over the wider period so people have somewhere they can go to help.

If you would like your Christmas volunteering opportunities included on the list, please email details to



Are you or someone you know finding it difficult to visit the library? Do you know about West Sussex Libraries' Home Library Direct Service?


This free service is for anyone who is unable to access the library due to age, illness, disability, caring responsibilities or other reasons.


A volunteer will select your choice of books - including large print and audiobooks - deliver them to your home, and return them to the library. All of our volunteers are DBS checked.


You can also download items from our Digital Library 24/7 - eBooks, eComics, eMagazines and eAudiobooks, without visiting the library.


If you would like this service or know anyone else who would benefit, please contact or visit your local library for an application form, or complete the online form here:

Chichester Core Group Next meeting - 5th December 2017, 2pm, Committee Room 1, Chichester District Council

Agenda Items include :

Access to Services

Time to Change Project

Other items TBC


The meeting is open for partner organisations to come and observe. Please let Amy know on the contact details below if you want to attend



If you have any news articles/ Press releases that you want included in this newswire and on our website please use the contact details below.

Alternatively if you would like to be added to the circulation list for this newswire, or if you no longer wish to receive it, please contact:

Amy Loaring, Chichester District Council, East Pallant House, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1TY, Tel: 01243 534726, email:

Chichester in Partnership









10/11/2017 - The Novium Museum receives Lottery funding


The Novium Museum in Chichester has received £8,300 in grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project: 'Cutlasses & Contraband'.


This project will focus on sharing known and unknown stories of smugglers, and the punishments they received, in and around the Chichester District and the Sussex coast.


The HLF funding, thanks to money raised by National Lottery players, will enable an exciting programme of events to run alongside The Novium Museum's new exhibition - 'Cutlasses & Contraband; A Smuggler's Tale', which launches on 16 November. Activities will include a series of ten 'Smuggling Saturday' family activity days, where families will be able to drop in to the museum and take part in craft, interactive storytelling and talks, all free of charge, and two evening talks on Smuggling in Sussex. The funding will help to upskill staff and volunteers to enable guided tours of the exhibition, as well as the development of three new school workshops, aimed at Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children.


The prizes for The Novium's annual schools' writing competition will also be funded by the grant, allowing the museum to offer the prize, a Smugglers themed class sleepover, to five lucky winners.





'Cutlasses & Contraband; A Smugglers Tale' opens to the public on Thursday 16 November. The interactive exhibition will tell local smuggling stories, including that of the infamous Hawkhurst Gang, who were sentenced to death in Chichester's Guildhall in Priory Park.


Councillor Eileen Lintill, Cabinet Member for Community Services at Chichester District Council, says: "We are thrilled to have received support thanks to National Lottery players. The events funded by the grant will offer something for everyone, and the focus on training and upskilling will enable the team at The Novium Museum to really engage the public with the history of local smuggling."



Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the HLF Sharing Heritage grant helps groups and organisations to discover and share local heritage with wider communities.


For more information please visit, call 01243 775888 or


13/11/2017 - Council lifts the lid on its work as part of national Twitter campaign


Chichester District Council (@ChichesterDC) will be using Twitter to lift the lid on its work on Tuesday 21 November, when it takes part in the Local Government Association's #OurDay campaign.


The campaign aims to highlight the services provided by councils nationwide and gives residents the opportunity to get involved and ask questions using the hash tag #OurDay. Hundreds of councils across England and Wales are expected to take part.


Chichester District Council delivers over 80 services from emptying bins, to licensing taxis, to cleaning the streets, to supporting vulnerable people. The #OurDay campaign will give residents a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes to keep the district running smoothly.


"#OurDay is a chance for us to show residents the vital work we do every day in their communities," says Councillor Peter Wilding, Cabinet Member for Business Improvement Services at Chichester District Council.


"The council operates round-the-clock with officers on call 24 hours a day ready to respond to emergencies. Our Chichester Careline service operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year providing assistance to the most vulnerable members of our community, while our refuse workers are out from 6am collecting waste and recycling.


"Residents come into contact with our work every day, often without realising it. This is a chance to engage with residents and make them aware of the vast range of services we provide.


"We want to encourage people to follow us @ChichesterDC to get an idea of what we deal with on an average day."


Frontline services will not be disrupted throughout the day and no money has been spent on the project, which is being provided by free software and staff goodwill.


#OurDay has been organised by the Local Government Association, which represents more than 370 councils in England and Wales, and the Knowledge Hub. The LGA is encouraging as many councillors and local authority staff as possible to take a couple of minutes out of their day to tell the world what they're up to as part of a live tweetathon.

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