Lavant Parish Council

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As the first rung of Government in the UK, Parish Councils are subject to some statutory orders for the transaction and organisation of council business. The "Model Standing Orders" lists these orders . Similarly there are regulations governing the spending of the Parish council and the governance of its funds. These are explained in the Financial Regulations. It is the Public's right to examine the Parish Council accounts. Below is the unaudited annual return for 2016-17, along with your rights and how to go about getting further information.


Public Notice of Rights/Unaudited annual return 2016 - 17 here


Summary of Your Rights here


Notice of Conclusion of Audit for year ended 31st March 2016 Click here


Public Notice of Rights here


Summary of Your Rights here


Unaudited Annual Return 2016 here



Code of Conduct


Register of Councillors' Interests


Financial Regulations 2015


Standing Orders 2015


Financial Regulations 2014

Model Standing Orders